A gaming PC with fx 6350

anyobe know a good build with the amd fx 6350 gaming rig for under 600 dollars but can run games at 1080 p? 

For that budget you can only get so much. These are what i'd recommend.

PSU- anything under $70 (corsair cx500 is fine)

Mobo- gigabyte Ga-970a (honestly stable mobo)

Ram- 4 or 8 gb will do 

HDD: WD caviar 1 tb

GPU: GTX 660

If you're including a os in this price range then sacrifice the gtx 660 for a 650 or rd 7770

Thats all I can recommend and it should play some games at 1080p not all though. Again this is great for your price range and should suffice around 600 dollars.




take a look at this