A few questions about proxmox

i just received my new r9 3900x and i’m planning a build using proxmox,

i’m wondering how core allocation works really, lets say i want my main workstation windows vm to have the max amount of cores available to it, and i have a vm that handles video trans codes. can i set a low priority for the trans code vm to only do its thing when the workstation vm isn’t doing much?

the other thing is ill be atempting to passthrough a rx5700 to that windows vm. it seems that 6.2 broke some of the pass through stuff, is there a clear cut guide for 6.2 gpu pass through

Putting this system together today to stsrt messing around. Any tips would be helpful!

Yeah you can configure all that in the settings when you make a vm.

keep in mind when you assign cores that they are vCPU’s not the actual physical cores so it works sort of like a pool of resources.

I believe you can configure resource pools and cpu shares simliar to how you can on vmware…

Ive never done so, but Ive noticed the fields.


resource pools arent what I thought they were now that I tried to find the documentation for them…
but i see something called CPU units… so maybe that is what you want

maybe this?


so it seems cpuunits is what i want. the numbers don’t really make much since though.

“if VM 100 has set the default 1024 and VM 200 was changed to 2048, the latter VM 200 would receive twice the CPU bandwidth than the first VM 100.”

what it i want vm200 to get 80%

change one VM to have 1000 and the other VM to have 800

ok ill mess with it