A few issues I've never had before on PCs I've built

I’ve never had so many issues with a PC before and the my most current is the most expensive I’ve done to date.


AMD Ryzen 7 7800X
Corsair 32GB VEN RGB D5 6000

First off, the most interesting one I have experienced, my screen suddenly goes black, my monitor shows, “Going to Power Save Mode”. The fans suddenly just start speeding up as fast as possible. I’ve done a fresh install of Windows 11 and all the drivers multiple times. And only within a certain amount of time of start up. I figured out if it doesn’t happen within the first 30 or so minutes the problem won’t occur.

I’m not sure if its correlated, but I’ve heard it might have to do with firmware, is the AOI fan, on boot has the triangle and ! and all the fans are red but once I get to the login menu, its normal, also tends to crash which I find hard to believe on this system since I’ve never had that issue on a 2 fan model I had before.

Lastly, once starting games for the first time on boot, such as Valorant, League of Legends and a couple of others, I get a problem where the mouse needs to adjust and moves very slowly in one direction until something loads where I can move my mouse normally. I just find it bizarre that I’ve built close to 15 PCs in the last 7 years, and never running into issues, where I couldn’t figure it out.

I’ll try to keep track as I try to find more solutions

This sounds like a thermal shutdown. Can you confirm that your CPU temps aren’t climbing too high.

That… makes my assumption much less grounded. Unless… I wonder if your H150 is intermittently stalling?

Is this happening during game load or does it occur in the middle of a match while a texture is popping in, for example?

Is it all the computers fans or just the gpu fans? Like @SgtAwesomesauce said a thermal shut down, but what struct me is maybe the gpu isn’t fully seated in the pci express slot or more importantly the power cable are not fully seated and with the 3000 and 4000 series cards having known power connection / connector issues you might want to check them out as well!

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This could be caused by a lot of things:

  • how are the CPI temps (AIO not installed correctly, not working properly, etc)
  • how are the GPU temps (faulty GPU)
  • have you tested the RAM already? Have you tried with only one stick of ram, also in another slot
  • could be a faulty power supply

What have you tried already to fix the problem?

My temps stay between 31°-38° most of the time and my that’s usually the temp will show before I restart it.

I heard that the there might be a firmware issue for the H150i but I don’t know if i can conclude that.

It happens when the game loads like League, for the first 15 sec of the game and val when the main menu is loaded. Like everything looks fine but just has trouble for the first few seconds

Don’t really know how to the test the RAM but the temps are fine for the CPU and GPU

I do have a paid warranty with Microcenter just because it was a new product, didn’t know if there were going to be issues with the GPU.

I’ve been seeing that there might be a problem with the 40 series card unfortunately, I’m not sure if I should go in and get it replaced… or how that process would go but I do have the 2 year replacement warranty on it.

Before returning, lets maybe try to narrow down the problem. You would need https://www.hwinfo.com/ to see the temps, voltages and stuff.

Then something like AIDA or other software to have CPU/GPU targeted stress tests (or maybe a CPU-Z and something for the GPU).

One thing to also pay attention to. Go to the System Journal(windows), there you would need Kernel. And, if remember correctly, 42 is the “going to sleep now” code. See if you have those (although this is least likely, but I had a problem with PC suddenly decided to go to sleep).

https://www.memtest.org/ is your friend

Do you have an air cooler you can install temporarily? That would eliminate the H150i as the culprit.

That’s really strange. I’m not entirely sure what to say about this behavior, more info would be great. If you have multiple monitors, maybe keep task manager open and watch your disk while you’re loading? Maybe there’s a lot of disk contention. That said, you’ve got a really fast disk, so I don’t think it’s likely. This is kind of a shot in the dark.

This almost sounds like problems I used to have in Windows XP when I installed a PCI sound card and didn’t disable the integrated sound in bios.

That can’t be what this is, but it sounds awful familiar.

Maybe worth validating the audio drivers?

I did run into some audio tomfoolery on an x370 board with windows 10 audio a few years back