A CyberPunk anime

Just started watching Mardock Scramble: The First Compression..I am 17 min in and I think this will be really good..This is the first movie of three..Some of you may like it as well..I don't know how I missed this anime, but i did..This anime has *Adult Content*..

Who in their right mind would not like anime with a yellow glowing, immoral, shape sifting  mouse as  supporting charter. And a story socked with child prostitution,  incest and banned military tek roaming around killing people.

I really like ghost in the shell

YES. i love Ghost in the shell, and all 3 manga. i didn't so much like the second movie, but the first one is awesome. and the show is great. they just released a new 4 part OVA series called "Ghost in the Shell: Arise". part 1 is already out.

Yup, that loli android... 

WHAT?! New Ghost in the Shell? How the HELL have I not heard of this already? Stand Alone Complex is one of my favorite TV series. I hope it gets dubbed, since the SAC dub was amazing. If they get all the voice actors/actresses to reprise their roles for this new OVA...I might die from sheer bliss.

that was part of it.. i missed the "kusanagi" look lol, and the CGI bothered me too =/

I hope they get the same cast. i'm sure they will. it WILL get dubbed though. Funimation already acquired the rights to it =) here is the trailer for part 2 ;)


Hm, Will Need to keep an eye out for it

still hope to see a 3rd SAC season.

i highly doubt that..... if they were to make a 20+ legit series on anything, it would probably be based on the new OVA. what I REALLY want is shirow Masamune to do a 3rd (or 4th, depending if you count 1.5, which i do lol) manga. and for there to be a 3rd Movie. anything really XD more GITS!


Beside Ghost in the shell I would recommend Appleseed, same creator, great story, I would recommend sticking with the manga (I just can't say that any of the anime adaptations are worth the look, personal opinion please NO flame wars over this)   

Top of my mind, "ghost in the shell"

Another good cyber punk anime is Ergo Proxy

oh yeah! i forgot about that show lol. i got a couple episodes with my Newtype USA magazine (R.I.P) back in the day. it was pretty cool

a new dual promotional/product placement ad for the upcoming second OVA episode of Ghost in the Shell: Arise, and some Japanese company. it's pretty lol. 



Have you tried Psycho-Pass? It's not half bad and its written by  Gen Urobuchi, so you know it won't give you eye cancer. http://myanimelist.net/anime/13601/Psycho-Pass

huh... never heard of it


I see, well just think of it as a cyber-punk crime show.