A case that can fit two radiators in the front

I am looking a case that fit a two 120mm or 140mm radiators in the front of the case and one 240mm or 280mm at the top of the case and a side window. I plan to crossfire R9 290s with the Kraken G10 and cool a FX 8320 and get an insane overclock on it. At the same time I kind want that air tunnel effect so I wouldn't mind a 120mm or 140mm radiator at the back for the CPU. I know I am asking for an insane case for such an insane build but that's the kind of guy I am.

The Corsair 760T should suffice. The host of OC3D managed to stuff two R9 295X2 and the H105 into that case, so it should be fine.


Lol what? Two 295x2. I thought I was insane. Looks good. My only concern is the side doors that can't lock.

Well , most cases do dual 120 or 140 at the front and 240 at the top.

My favorite : H440

But you also have the fractal design R4 and almost every other case.

But can they fit dual radiators because some radiators are thicker that the fans they support.

H440 will support alphacool monsta 80mm rads and fans in the front.  

Corsair 900D - you can fit multiple radiators, a couch, bar fridge and your tv in there

I like the Enthoo Primo. Much better designed than the 900D (in my opinion).


The Enthoo Pro is also just as capable.