A Case for the Threadripper (pun intended)

Here is my “Case for the threadripper prize” for the Minecraft Devember build.

I have been holding on to this case for close to 30 years, but have yet to build it out as it deserves worthy components. It currently has a PII 350MHZ with a 440BX mother board - and yes that is for hilarious effect.

This is steel construction and has a chrome plated steel front cover. The 5&1/4 drive bays have chrome slot covers and it is not made for modern computing, but sure would be an awesome system.

My builds are in 0skillz spreadsheet:
mooseaire|23 / -248|
mooseaire|3 / -28 / 96|

Let me know what you think of this case, is is serious old school cool and needs the components to make it shine. I know @wendell will love this as casters are built in and do not have to be modded like the Fractal. :slight_smile:


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Looks like a squared Cylon from BSG


Frakkin’ toaster…


It is stunningly beautiful!

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I’m jelous. I recently did a new “used” build with 4x optical bays to rip CD’s. Filling up 8 would have been great fun. Not so great on the wallet to buy up premium IDE cd drives though.

Thanks all for the kind words, this will be used for something one day but I bet the entire front panel of chrome slot covers will be replaced with 120-140 MM fans.

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