9970 rumors

does anybodha know or heard any rumors for the release if the 9000 series, Elric said it might have 4000 stream procceosrs. Does anybody think it will actually be that powerful and when it might come out.

That is what I heard too. If it really is that powerful, Nvidia is going to get a beatdown. 
Or maybe they plan to release a Titan level GPU? Something over the top?

Hopefully they will be out by the end of the year, but didn't AMD say that they won't realease any new GPUs this year? 

Last I was aware, quarter 4 of this year for the new GPU series. More than likely to get the most sales from the holidays that way.

According to Chiphell website, the card has a 12-layer PCB (Radeon HD 7970 has 10-layer PCB), a 512-bit memory interface, two CrossFireX connectors, a dual-fan cooler (4-way multi-GPU technology supported) and 250W thermal design power, probably (TDP).

That said, two power plugs (a 6-pin and an 8-pin PCI Express power ports) are located on the top edge of the video board.


I've only seen things on Wiki so far.

as for 4000 (probably 4096 to keep it even) stream processors i will be amazed it this is on the 28nm process. that is an INSANLY HUGE DIE. and you though GK110 titan was big?

I'm most siked for the badwidth though.... 512 bit? HOLY CRAP, i hope that's true.

Hmm, if that indeed is the 9970, looks like they are using the same basic cooler design they used for the 7990. 

Sounds like PCIe 2 will be phased out shortly if stuff like this actually happens.

PCI-e on the card is already being phased out you have to go under a 7730 to get pci-e 2.1

But yes, hopfully this will make amd push themselves to push pci-e 3 on their cpu support

That is what I was talking about. I would love to see AMD support PCIe 3. This might mean that AMD is going to have PCIe 3 with the next cpu cycle/chipset. That seemed like it was going to happen anyway, but this seems liek more evidence.

With the exeption of 1 or 2 high dollar AM3+ motherboards using a PLX chip, AMD needs PCI-e 3.0 support across the board. Me thinks they are planning on having PCI-e 3.0 support and DDR4 support with their next CPU lineup next year. I think that is possibly one of the key factors that pushed the projected release back to next year instead of this year.

amd has alot on there plate right now.

  • Next Gen FX (wtf is this fx9xxx series?)
  • Next Gen APUs (these things are fast)
  • Console hardware
  • Next gen of Radeon chip (It's been what?- 5 or 6 quarters?)

*Speculating here* IMO-  I don't think they'll be able to push ddr4. Intel isn't even going ot hit it really until '14/'15. I do think that next gen FX will have pci-e 3 though, Maybe that's just me hoping... :/

I don't think motherboard support will be there for DDR4 either, but the silicon should be capable of supporting it.

The 9000 series is just a super clocked 8350, they cherry picked the chips.

I have been hearing (from nowhere credible) that it will just be a rebadged 7990 with a few tweaks (and of course proper driver support).

Dont know what to think of this if its true.

That's not credible if its a rebadged 7990 it would need the 3 fan long cooler on it since its a double GPU setup. I think that information is just bogus.

Keep dreaming for 512-bit, if that is the case, say good bye to a card that is under $999

The reason nvidia charts so much for the Titan is because they can, no one can compete. Do you really think 6 gb if VRAM actually costs that much or the extra cuda cores. designing and making a die with 4000 cuda cores isn't that much more expansive then with a 1000 not only with the die manufacturing process but the design. If amd releases it with the rumored specs and it performs twice as fast and the Titan for 400 thy would dominate the market, if you release a product thats 4 times faster and twice as cheap you will win you will own the market and thay's what they are trying to do.

I think you are forgetting the price of admission here, you cannot just make a GPU on thin air.

Especially one that you specc'd out in your opening post.

I'm going to look at this at a different angle so bare with me

take into consideration that the 680 (a 1536 core card) was able to compete with the 7970 (a 2048 core card) cores arn't everything. 

knowing the titan (GK110) has 2688cores If you keep the ratio alive (i doubt it will) the 9970 should outperform a titan.

Let's bring up pricing. The titan is phenominally overpriced but it sure is an amazing card no doubt. The GK110 core dropped to about about $350. (780) Sure it lost some cores but it still performs relatively the same.

I'm estimating the (if the rumors are true) that the 9970 will cost about the same a 780 and slightly out perform it.

after all- these companys love to leap frog each other.

I know that but what I am saying is taht it doesn't cost that much more to mare bop of the lone chip to the bargain bin chip so if they charge 400 for so etching that is twice as fast as the competitor they will have everyone come over to amd and buy that gpu and the people will say screw nvida that they will mak. More then enough as matter of fact they would get a lot of profits and they would get a loyal costomer base and taht even more important. if they come out with products that re cheaper and better then nvidia they can bankrupt nvidia and completely take over the market. But neither company is doing that input I have a feeling amd might be considerone it or trying if now.