990fx and ECC questions

I've got a Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 rev 4 on hand plus a FX 8350, and I wanted to use it as a FreeNAS box. But my problem is the ram choice. I know that I can probably get un-buffered ECC DDR3 to run but I don't know if I can get Registered DDR3 to run. I'd really like to know if its possible to get registered dims to work as I can get registered dims for next to nothing off eBay, while un-buffered DDR3 is expensive everywhere I look.

Registered DDR3 + 990fx = ?

Also, does anyone run FreeNAS without ECC and how is that working out for you? I won't be building a super high capacity machine in terms of storage, since its mostly just for crashplan and maybe a few movies. Maybe 3 or 4tb of capacity after I let zfs take its chunk of the storage.

Apparently it runs just fine...

I already looked through that post, everyone that posted as succesful was using un-buffered ecc which is different to registered ecc, and I was hoping someone could find proof that registered ecc works because its far cheaper to un-buffered.

Registered ECC definitely does not work with consumer chipsets like the 990FX. Unregistered often works but might not actually run as ECC, that just depends on the manufacturer.

If you want registered ECC then you need to look at workstation or server boards and will need to use Xeon or Opteron CPUs.

Damn okay thanks I guess that answers that. Unregistered works pretty across the board with the 990fx mobos since the 8350 was supposed to be a server part originally. Sucks that the registered stuff won't work so flawlessly. Thanks for the info, I guess I'll have to man up and spend for unregistered.

Just go ahead and build it without ECC ram. Generally this is fine for workloads where money wont be lost due to unplanned downtime.

Regardless of the components used you should always have a separate backup solution for important data.

Yeah I really want to get it up and running fast. I might look into a couple of old xeon's and a server board just for fun anyways, but I'll probably just get what I have going for now.