9800 gtx in sli or 1 9800 gx2?

9800 gtx in sli or 1 9800 gx2 ???

thats a super easy answere, 1 9800 gx2 is like 2 8800gts in sli. 2 9800 gtx's are like 2 9800 gtx's! its an obvious answere, 2 9800 gtx

tri-sli gtx's beat out quad-sli gx2's

:O any GPU is fine

i know tri sli beats quad 9800gx2 but i just dont have the money for that ATM, but thx.

ok, then go with the 2 gtx's

go with 2 gtx's, thats what me and me friend are doing, and honestly two gx2's is not gonna be worth it right now, the tech is too weird

lol 1 9800gtx is fine imagine what u can do with two :)

make sure u get the gtx+. dont wanna end up with one of those old 65nm gpus (like me)

2 9800gtx's beats 1 9800gx2.

2 8800gt beats 1 9800gtx (beats one gtx280 on low resolutions too lol)

It all depends how power hungry you are. Lol. The price of the GX2 went down to like $299 ish. So yeah. Performance wise, two GTX+s will do better most likely. Especially after overclocking. So yeah, if you want to spend 400 total, then go for it =P.

right now 2 9800 gtx = $400+ but 1 9800 gx2= under 300 bucks..right now i'd go 9800 gx2

i personally would sacrifice some fps for a more expandable setup by getting a gtx 260 and overclocking (because they do really well oc'ed) then get a second one down the road. a 260 with a good overclock performs right up there with its big brother.

one overclocked 260 is more than enough for current games and leaves a bunch of room to improve.

yeah i was going to mention ati but figured i'd stick to the question on this one

ohh ya ati's def worth while but since he mentiond 2 nvidia cards i just figured thats what he wants.

the two 9800 gtx's faster but id perfer the 9800 gx2 , looks cool, is cool, weighs more than a brick, my kinda card and not that much lost performance


not too expensive either, $284

i also want a 9800 gx2 cuz the video review logan did was funny, the Dvi- eye in the evga one lollololololol

yeah 2 9800gtx has been proven to outpreform 1 gx2 however you can have I think 4 of those in sli. which means it has a lot more room to upgrade

A 9800GX2 would cost less than a 2 9800 GTX's.

Definitely go with the two 9800 GTXs. The 9800 GX2 is built like shit and will cook itself to death.

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