980 TI Lightning Afterburner Questionnnnnn!

Aside from the slightly annoying title for no reason, the question is, why can I not adjust voltage on my new card in Afterburner even with the settings enabled. My old MSI 980s could without issue but the option is grey on this card for some reason.

have you went to properties and enabled low-level io driver, low level hardware access, unlock voltage control, unlock monitoring, extended msi? also check your drivers if you are not locking it there.

when you say check my drivers what do you mean exactly? I'm on the most current Nvidia Driver.

And yes I have all those settings applied like I did when my 980's were in.

Screenshot your settings, also what driver are you using?
Afterburner version as well.

I gotta remember to update Afterburner. Thanks for mentioning that. All good now.