970 Price Drop?

I plan on buying parts for and building my new pc within the week. I watched the news on the new amd cards and I will wait till I see some benchmarks to see if it outperforms the 970. From what I read though, its simply a re branded 290 and I have already weighed the pros and cons of a 970 vs 290x and chosen to go with the 970 so I don't think I will be buying a new amd card anyway. I am interested though if the release of the new amd cards will cause Nvidia to drop the price of the 970. I understand they dropped the price of the 980 already but do you think they will for the 970? Thoughts?

its not very likely that Nvidia is going to drop its prices on their cards.

The price will drop eventually. However, we don't know when, nor how much. Might be in your interest to purchase the best bang-for-buck card in your budget, currently. Saves you from having to wait