$950 Intel Build Suggestions

Im looking for a $950 Intel build with Windows 7. Looking to use Asus GTX 660 Ti.

why do you want intel only built a amd build will give you the about the same performance mabie better depending on what your doing

Intel is just my preferred choice. I like AMD just as much but Intel is just the way I want to fo for this build. The PC is for gaming nothing else but watching youtube and simple stuff.

Simple stuff like those can be done very easily by AMD CPUs. But I gotta say, Intel make crazy awesome products. Are you using products like Adobe? Because that's when you really need CUDA from NVIDIA GPUs. If you don't, the 7950 or the 7870 XT is a way better choice for gaming. :D

I'll see what I can do. :D :D



Crysis 3, battlefield 3, black ops 2, planetside 2, shogun 2, dota 2.etc. .

Would the amd 8350 and ati 7950 do better?