930 Euro Gaming PC

I will build a PC for a friend with a budget of 930 Euro, he will mostly play games like BF4 and BF3.

Also he has 3 monitors but just for multitasking (lots of pokerstars windows).

those are the 2 builds that I favor at the moment, which to choose?


Intel: Preisvergleich | Geizhals EU

AMD: Preisvergleich | Geizhals EU


I asked this question in the german pcgameshardware forum and someone complained about the Corsair rm550 for being single rail, as a safety problem (if something shortens, everything will be destroyed) is that true? they recommend the bequiet e9 480 cm

Strong single 12v rail > old weak multi 12v rails. Corsair units as well as any decent branded psu has protection against such things.

The 2 builds - of which will no doubt end with a stream of intel vs amd fanboy posting nonsense. If you were to go with the amd FX build then you may want to up the psu so you can adequately feed both the hungry chip and r290. The intel build is spot on.

Okay, thanks. I think I choose the Intel one.