£900 Gaming/Rendering Build



So this is a first-time build, my budget being £900, mainly aimed at both rendering and gaming as well as general use. I would want to stick with a Haswell K part but is it worth going for the 4770K if I can afford it, or is there little price:performance difference between that and the 4670K? Water-cooling doesn’t seem a must given that I’m not looking for the best-in-class FPS, just modest performance at 1080P (which is pretty much set with the 760). Productivity apps include Adobe CC, iMax 3D as well as, this being one of the main reasons behind this build, some Unreal Engine 3 work - has anyone with a GTX 760 found any faults/limitations using this software? Other than that, peripherals and OS are set so that should be it. Can anyone suggest any cheaper and/or better components to use, baring in mind I’d prefer to stick with nVidia for CUDA but of course I’m open to any suggestions.




Cheaper, much better graphics card, great ssd. If you want Cuda cores, you can grab a 770 which will be slower and a bit more expensive, still close to the 900 pounds price point.

Cheers man. The CUDA isn't particularly important and looking at some benchmarks the 280X blows the 760 away, so thanks for the suggestion!