$850 Build gotta love it :D

Well i got my taxes and i placed my order on Newegg for my system here are the details 

Now i have shop runner so free 2 day shipping on everything except the monitor which is $5 for shipping and the case which was $9.05 


Grand total $849.83 SHIPPED :D

No storage?

Other than that the build does actually look pretty nice. You created a solid build that won't have any bottlenecks (granted your storage is decent). Tell me how that PSU is. Nobody buys diabloteks, really. 

Also I have that ram and I absolutely love it. It's good stuff.

Looks great.. 

I would have gone with a different brand PSU though. But that's just me.

for the time being im gonna use a WD Green 500 GB for storage and i have a 250 GB  lappy hdd i have laying around now now now i know the WD Greens suck but it will do for now i will be in the next few months upgrading to a kingston hyperx 3k ssd 120 gb but the budget was TIGHT lol that was CLOSE lol

ps the PSU is a new one and it was cheap that was modular so i will be the first to review it after i use the system for about a month :D

I'll keep an eye out for any news broadcasts that involves an electrical fire. lol

You should get very decent overclocking with that system. Have fun. 

someone correct me if im wrong, but a 16ms monitor for gaming? 

Well the monitor and cooler havent been ordered just yet as i was debating im still lookin but the rest of the parts are ordered if you can find me a decent monitor under $100 then let me know lol and i will prolly purchase it


Nice build! With that 7870 you would definitely be able to help contribute to the bitcoin mining! Check the thread! Giveaways! 


This ought to suit you well. :D

also that HP monitor is DisplayPort ONLY so you may need an additional cable to convert the miniDP on the 7870 to full size DP

but then 16ms......

Its hard to evaluate the build if we dont know the budget

1080p 5ms it dont get any better than this for 100$ http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-Details.asp?EdpNo=2340994&sku=H94-2108

Really have you checked the title of the thread wow anyways the limit was 850


As for the monitor i found a Samsung SyncMaster 2233 for 50 but im going to take it back since the color is washed out of it and trade it for a different model my buddy has. and sill have some money left for other stuff :D

I would go with a different monitor and psu, but everything else looks good.  Solid build.

LOL, dont know how I missed it, here is your build:


Maybe you should have gone with two sticks of ram, for dual channel. Everything else looks good.

Hey look at the build again its dual channel