8350 Varying Temps Constantly

Okay so I finally built my new rig with my new awesome FX-8350. Have been loving it so far and started to monitor the temps when I heard the CPU fan constantly ramping up and then back down. I have been monitoring the temps (btw I'm using a Xigmatek Dark Knight II cooler) to find that my CPU seems to be randomly ramping up and down from ~14 degrees C to ~30 degrees C and I'm not sure why... I'm just doing simple tasks such as using Chrome, installing some applications, and doing a Norton Quick Scan. Is this varying type of fluxuation normal or am I just being paranoid? Thanks in advance

Just paranoia me thinks.

Those are both pretty safe temps for that CPU and doing the odd thing here and there can cause temps to increase.

This being said, have you looked at CoreTemp to see which cores are being used when it heats up? You may have a hotspot due to misapplied thermal compound. I've never seen it myself, but I've read about it happening.


Figured out that it was EasyTune6, an application that was installed with my Gigabyte motherboard that dynamically ramps the fan up once the cpu heats up past 20 degrees C.

Ah, well that makes sense! Happy gaming :D

Thanks man! Oh and quick question: is it okay for a fan to be constantly ramping up and down or at full speed and how will this effect the longevity of the fan's life?

I run mine at basically full speed all the time and have done for several years now. I think it'll be fine :D