8350 or 4670k

I have been doing the best research I can, and I still get mixed results from benchmarks and other things. So maybe anyone that has the processors can inform me on some things.

Basically, what I am looking for is a processor that will do good with gaming, but also handle multi-tasking with programs such as skype, fraps, open broadcaster and so on.

I've heard that the 8350 was very good at multi-tasking, however the i5 4670k did better in gaming.

One of my favorite games is Arma 2, and from what this link says (http://www.behardware.com/articles/880-13/amd-fx-8350-review-is-amd-back.html) the 8350 did not handle very well.

Any information I can get will help me since I will be buying my new setup very soon!

Much obliged.


I can't see how you can go wrong with either of them. The 8350 has better mulch-threaded performance and the Intel has better single threaded performance.  I've heard conflicting information in regards to performance in arma 2, but with arma 3 I can easily play maxed out (4670K with the proper gpu). 

Well you'll have to look up benchmarks for the specific games you play, but overall they both typically perform similarly in games. The FX 8350 will have occasional frame dips where for a brief moment it will dip to a really low framerate and then go back up to as high as it would normally be (usually this sort of thing would happen at the beginning of a phase in a game where a bunch of enemies spawn at once, since the cause is the very slow memory performance of the AMD chip).

Depending on the specific recording software, the FX 8350 may be better for that instance. Things like Skype and web browsers would run just fine in the background with ether CPU, if your screen capper is more CPU intensive (which OBS would be, fraps I think is mostly demanding on the hard drive and the best way to keep your framerate is to record to a dif hard drive than the game is stored on).

Can't really go wrong either way, the FX 8350 would have a bit of an edge with recording and esp with streaming, but the 4670K might be a lot better in some of the games you play, idk.

I know there really isn't such a thing as future proofing, but on a pure guess, which processor do you think would be able to last longer? I currently have a Core 2 Quad Q9400 and I have had it for about 4 1/2 years and until about 6-10 months ago I wasn't having any MAJOR problems as far as game performance goes.

Anyways, I appreciate your feedback!

My guess would be that as time goes forward, we are going to keep seeing the trend of not needing much in way of cpu power. I would be willing to bet that either would be fine for a long time to come. It is really the gpu that you should worry about. Also consider other things like overall heat output, electricity usage, form factor, motherboard features, etc.


But as previously stated, in many older games (single threaded games like Skyrim) AMD cpus just can't keep up. That won't always be the case, especially with a general trend towards more core utilization in games, but keep that in mind. I personally went with a haswell i5 over an AMD build because of those reasons.