8350 or 3570k for my build?

Hello, so I am planning to build a PC for Gaming, and also recording and redering videos, and I was wondering, which would do the better job for it. If it matters, I do plan to overclock a little bit, nothing crazy. And also if needed, the other components will be:

Ram: 16 GB (2x8gb)

GPU: HIS 7870

PSU : RoseWill 600 watt

Mobo: I have two decent one's selected for either processor

Case: CM HAF 912

OS: Windows 7

HDD: 500 GB + 1TB drives


Because you plan on doing video rendering would you not be better to be using an Nvidia card? I believe they are better for video rendering. With that being said then I would go for the Intel build. Others please step in and correct me if I am wrong.

8350 for video editing. If your editing software is sony vegas, radeon is completely fine. If it's like after effects or other adobe product. definately nvidia, a 660ti or 670 will do you well

Watch the tek syndicate videos on the 8350, you will see it is excellent value. Slimm is right about the gfx, it depends what software you will use.

i5 3570k for gaming, FX-8350 for anything else...

I also suggest you get a 80+ certified PSU.

I have seen the videos, I just wanted some second opinions.

Also I do plan to use Sony Vegas

Here is the PSU I was planning to get http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139028

OK, so it is dependent upon the software you are using that will have you go towards the Nvidia card. Good to know the proper answer. Thanks as always.

Well, for $20 more, I'd get this one.

It's got more power, allowing you to overclock and possibly add another GPU in the future if you'd wish to upgrade, a good brand, 80+ and it's modular, making your case neater.

Woops, forgot to add link :P


Ok yeah, for $20 more I might as well get it.

  I know there are only a few companies that actually manufacture power supplies. Everyone puts there specs they want to the manufacturer and they make the model and stick whoever’s name on the power supply. Anyone knows who actually produces Rosewill’s power supplies or do they actually make their own?