I currently have a FX4130 and don't get me wrong it's a good CPU but should I upgrade to a FX 8350/8320 or wait until maybe AM4 or whatever AMD decides to come out with next that is APU based?

if you have a decent  mobo then yeah upgrade to a FX8320 of FX8350 could never hurt.

The 8320 outperforms a i5 4670k and it's so damn cheap. I'm running 4.4ghz stock voltage on a 8320,just saying


im running 4.35 stock voltage

yes. 4420mhz stockvoltage. 1.320v

Dang! I heard the 8320 weren't as good at overclocking as the 8350.  But that speed of at that voltage, wow. What mobo you have and what powerphase does it have?

i guess you mean 1.35? :D

the 8320 is not so bad in overclocking. its just generally not as good as the 8350.

i got my 8320 to 4.6ghz on 1.4v

Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 rev 4.0 8+2 power phase.

well ive seen FX8320´s on 4.9ghz aswell, so i would not realy say, that they are bad at overclocking, in general. Decent motherboard, decent cooling, and decent psu. does also help.

I see alot of people making the same misstakes, they buy a FX8320 or FX8350, and get dissapointed with the overclock results. If you ask them which mobo they have, then often it turn´s out that they cheaped out on that.

Same with intel, if you want a decent and stable 24/7 overclock, you just need a decent mobo.