8320 temps

I was just playing some battlefield, and i noticed my 8320 was getting up too 49c, im using a noctua NH-U9b-SE2. Just wondering if this is something to worry about, ive ordered some extra case fans, But before they come in, i just wanted to make sure? thanks

Its not unusual bf4 takes up to 70% usage on my FX8320 across all 8 cores bf4 is pretty much just a cpu bench test lol 49c is a good temp you only have to worry if you start geting up to 60c+

Oh wow, ok.. aha that would heat my office =p thanks a bunch.

Remember though guys, no matter what heatsink you use your CPU produces the exact same amount of heat. Heat produced is VOLTAGE dependent. The heatsink's ability to dissipate heat only takes the heat away from the CPU. No less heat is produced with an efficient heatsink. 

Lol some people worry about 49 degrees,I'm always right next to the limit,58-61 on my 8320

Just got done with a 3 hour BF4 session. My 8350 was at 62 C for the last hour and a half :/

Check the airflow in your case, are you recycling warm air? Are there potential hot air pockets in your case?

49 degrees is very nice.  if you look how high your ambient temp is, then you know what the delta temp is. for example your ambient is 22 degrees. that means a delta temp of 27 degrees thats realy nice isn it? ☺

62c is on the top of the thermal limit the chip was more than likely throttleing at that temprture.