8300 for £89.99. Worth it as an upgrade?

Basically i have an FX 6300 currently at its base clock out of the box and its been running OK but I've been tinkering around a lot more lately in my spare time with Linix and Virtual box. The 6300 is a bit meh when it comes to running VMs for obvious reasons. Now I had planned to just wait until RyZen was out and see what the prices and stability was like but i saw this recently:

FX8300 for £89.99 + Deus Ex Mankind Divided Steam Key included.

So now I'm wondering is worth picking one up and doing a bit of lite overclocking to 4.0 - 4.2 GHz for some extra horsepower whilst waiting for RyZen to come out?

I'm not to worried about RyZen coming out soon as if I move to a RyZen build i can drop the 8300 in my brothers rig as an upgrade over his 4300 as he has less disposable income then me.

So TL;DR is the 8300 in the above link worth getting for someone who likes playing with VMs and also wants to learn to do some lite overclocking?

My Current Rig:
CPU: FX 6300
Motherboard: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
Cooler: Hyper Evo 212
PSU: Corsair RM650 80+ Gold
RAM: 2 x 4GB Hyper X Fury 1866 Mhz Kit.
GPU: Asus Strix OC 960 2GB

All replies welcome and appreciated :)

I say go for it if you want some more performance from multiple VM's at one time or even one or two. Ryzen I am hopeful but still skeptical even though latest news video seems like they were hinting at an embargo lifted next Tuesday possibly that Wendell and Ryan are gonna release. Not sure if it has anything to do with Ryzen but one can hope. If you got 90 bucks and it is not gonna hurt the wallet than I say again go for it and later if Ryzen meets demand turn your old rig into a testing ground or something else.

You have a mobo and heatsink/fan that should allow you to reach 4GHz easily. If VM's are your thing then this plus some extra RAM (if you can get it at a decent price) will probably give your VM's a welcome boost.

I'm anticipating that the RyZen plus new mobo and DDR4 won't be a cheap upgrade so going this route might be a sensible stop-gap whilst you save. Your brother might also appreciate the upgrade to a 6300.

It's up to you, of course, but I would save up my pennies for a while longer and upgrade either to Ryzen or to a more recent Intel platform. Bulldozer at this point is going on 5 years old. Linux really likes it, but Linux tends to have better support for older hardware across the board anyway.

Your motherboard and CPU would probably sell for a nice chunk of money (£~120 - 150) that you could put towards the upgrade as well. Everything else, the case, PSU, cooler, GPU, RAM, is totally fine to keep for the next platform.

I'm a scrappy guy - in your situation I'd probably find a cheap 8-core Xeon and an X79 board and use that for VMs, but that's not necessarily a good idea, particularly if you don't like buying used. The motherboards are expensive, and you wouldn't be overclocking it very much, if at all. But hey, what can I say - I'm a sucker for gobs of memory and those PCIe 3.0 lanes... :3

The argument can be made in many ways. My take: Let the FX chip die.

I'd hold off personally, especially if you plan on upgrading to a RyZen or Intel chip next year. You'd essentially be paying 90 euro for 2 more cores. I'd just OC your current cpu and work with that for now.

The 8300 already turbo's to 4.2
You have a killer MB. I know that 990 was not cheap.
I have the 8320e. Taking the base clock to 223 gives mine a base of 3.9 and a turbo or 4.5 @50c

I would try OC with the 6300, especially with the 212 evo to see if you like overclocking. Some people find overclocking more fun then gaming, some hate it.

In my opinion its not really worth it anymore.
It doesnt make a whole lot of sense to still invest into the am3+ platform.

If that CPU doesen't cut it for you anymore and you really really need an upgrade go for it. But if you're not going to buy it you're pretty much forced to save up about four time as much and go for a whole new platform (whether it being AMD or Intel). You'll be able to save some cash if you sell the old parts you're going to replace, but that's going out of tracks.

Well if you aren't going to get an intel based machine or wait for zen then sure.

I would say wait and put the money towards an upgrade, the 8300 is faster but its a matter of 5-7% overall in the best case.

I own an FX 8350 and I did a similar thing going out and buying a higher end motherboard (I got it for quite alot bellow retail) to replace my old one so I could get some overclocking headroom. Even at 4.5Ghz the FX CPUs arent exactly great so its a similar thing with this.

That CPU Arch really old by know, four years. It's way too expensive for such an old thing IMHO. I have that motherboard, it comes in many revisions (mine is an early revision). There have been all kinds of problems with that motherboard depending on revision. Mine overheats and doesn't overclock an eight-core much. Depending on what rev you have overclocking will be easy or not really possible.

So no, def not worth it in my opinion. Once Ryzen is about to launch there will be fire sales of the old (and kinda crappy to be honest) AMD CPUs. If you are strapped for cash you can get one then. It should be three months tops.

i also would say you should wait. yes in case of heavy VM / rendering / editing workload the more cores will give you a boost but in every other case it will not. and that little boost, in my eyes, will not justify that purchase.

but then again, if you got the cash and wanna buy it because you want to: go ahead. you get a better cpu your brother will so too and you have a spare 4300 for doing stuff or backup.