8200 dpi mouse

I need a new mouse! I curently have the tactx (basicaly a g9) and have outgrown the the dpi so id like to get one of the new 8200dpi choices. I know that there are several out there now so id like some opnions on which one is king. I have small hands and use a palm/claw grip. im not worried about price. Thanks ahead of time.

Who the hell uses 8200 dpi? im at 1600 and i feel plenty fast.

My sensei goes to 11400. Its da best. (I have never used that setting or plan on it. I use 1170. Nothing more, nothing less.)

Well im currently at 5000 and its not enough for me.

thats ridiculous... i use 1600 as well, on certain games maybe 3200

What's the point? Get something with a quality sensor instead.

So far the ones that look good are the taipan, the GM-Krypton, roccatpure ,Mionix NAOS.

Get the Logitech g600. It is 8200 dpi (pretty much useless, by the way - that fast is like having a seizure.) I love mine - very high quality. It isn't rubberized, so if you want a rubberized mouse get a different Logitech mouse. Most of them are above 5000 dpi. The g600 costs ~$75-80. Great mouse; get it.

Laser mice and DPI is just marketing, the best of the best are still using Optical mice as they don't have acceleration and are incredibly accurate.I used to think DPI mattered then I got a lower DPI mouse and got used to it and my aim got better.