800$ PC Build


I'm building a PC for the first time and I'm on a limited budget of 800$. I would like to get the most proformance for mid range gaming and heavy graphics editing. Any parts suggestions would be of great help. Also, I'll most likely never see the pc aside from turning it on, so aesthics have little value.

I got you covered. WIll post a build here in a few minutes



Tried to cram in as much as I could. If you'd rather a 660, you could always knock out something like the ssd or go with a cheaper hard drive. You might even have a hdd around already. Who knows.

Here you go. If you can, grab a 8350 and a GTX 670. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/D3dU

Big rip off of my build :P

His is okay, but I'd suggest lowering the PSU wattage and also getting a cheaper case, and then you can cram an SSD in for a boot drive, although you may end up being a little overbudget. Why do I suggest this? Your storage can be one of the biggest bottlenecks to your computer, so never skimp. Always grab at least one ssd for a boot drive.


XD I totally did not see your build until just a few minutes ago. Great minds think alike

odd. can you tell me why you scrapped the ssd for a different mobo?

For an editing rig, I would not suggest a ssd unless you are a speed freak. They are amazing, but you need volume more than speed for editing. When on a tight budget! You want to get the fastest cpu you can, then best gpu, if you are doing graphics and video, lots of fast ram, then storage volume.

Odd........... *facepalm*

Uses 1 tb in a edditing machine.

Thats smart.

You want to have the best cpu you can get and a decent gpu for edditing.

And some ram.

I also went with the better board because it had a combo with the 8350.

SSD as a boot drive won't add on much. Even if you just go with a 100gb, or something like that. I was actaully referring to ehone's build, as im not sure why he just pooled the extra money into the mobo and hdd instead.