800 Dollar/Euro build - Advice?

Hey guys! 

I want to buy a gaming pc, so I can play bf4 when it comes out. This is what I want:



Do you guys have any tips to change something?

I don't plan on buying a SSD simply because I prefer to spend those 100 extra dollars/euro's to other things.


Do you guys also have any advice for a CPU cooler? I want to Overclock my CPU right away, but I really don't know anything about those things. A good cooler for the i5 4670k. (I hope to get 4.2 gHz, I've read that that's possible with a good cooler)



I'll start with the PSU.

My general rule, only go with power supplies from a company who is well known. I would highly recommend Seasonic, as they make some of the best PSU's on the market right now. You really don't want to skimp on the PSU or go for shiny LED's for it to look 1337, funcionality and reliability comes first.


RAM is all the same stuff, whether it costs $400 or $40, so I would say get some cheaper RAM.


HDD. WD - Black are server grade harddrives and are rather pricey because of this, yes they are extremely reliable though. But I would say a Seagate Barracuda 1TB will do just fine.


Case. get something you can live with, but don't get spending $80 or more..It hurts me to see people spend $200 on a case. (Yes, I know it's your money, but come on, $200 on a case?..)


I'm not too up-to-date on 1150 Motherboards, so someone else will have to tell you if yours is a good choice or not.


Now, down to the main thing. Overclocking.

Overclocking on Haswell is much harder than on Ivy, mainly because Intel decided to cheap out on the IHS and essentially used mayonaiyse as thermal compound. So unless you're willing to De-lid, I would recommend going with an i5-3570k, as these have been proven to be far easier to OC than the Haswell replacement for it.

If you insist on Haswell, then I would say get a CoolerMaster 212 Evo PLUS..It's a very cheap, but very good air cooler. You can replace the fans with Deltas if need be and improve cooling even farther with the cost of increased noise.

CLC (Closed Loop Coolers) arre highly expensive and not neccisseraly worth the price as you can get much better results with a Custom Loop or air cooler. (CM 212+[$25] < Corsair H60i[$60-$75])


4.2 should be an easy OC to reach, but on Haswell. It's hard to say, if you get a good CPU, then you can easily reach 4.4..If you get a bad CPU, it will be hard to reach 3.9.



Wait untill October before buying the GPU, as the release of the 9000 series from AMD will drop GPU prices, some may even be better than the 700 series from nVidia.

Haha, still getting my money. I plan on buying the pc when it's half oktober (I get my salary) or I wait till November ; ). Thanks for all the advice. As you said that Seasonic is a very good brand, here in Holland it's not so populair. I just picked the PSU with about the same price as the PSU I am actually getting. It's a very good PSU, high quality. 


And about Overclocking. 

At first I wanted to get the i5 3570k, but then I saw the i5 4670k, so I decided to take that one. I also saw on youtube that the Haswell are harder to OC than the Ivy. I'll check the Cooler Master 212 EVO Plus, but I think I'll wait a little bit before replacing the casefans, I think.