$800 build recommendations

Hey everyone im looking for some recommended builds for around $800. I already have a monitor, mouse, keyboard, OS. I would like to keep towards the Intel/nvidia side of things but its not really required. I would use it for heave...heavy gaming and would like something that can hold up in the coming future. Thanks 

That is a pretty tight budget for an Intel / Nvidia build that is also future proof

what games do you play?

Give this a look ... it will game and is under budget


or if you have to have Nvidia $12 over budget


Just remember the prices are always in flux ... and black friday and cyber monday are right around the corner

Thanks. both look great. Most of the games I play are quite demanding (crysis, Metro, modded skyrim, bunch of other stuff) 

the second should do well for you ... If you plan to OC I would recommend a Noctua d14 cooler ... and to bad you can't scrape up an extra $88 over budget and get a gtx970 ... it would really improve your experience. may check prices on cyber monday

Im just using $800 as a base range and could push a little higher on the price but would like to keep it below $1000. Thanks a ton for the help.

then definitly throw the 970 in  ... leaps and bounds better performance than in either build

but then AMD has got the R9 290 on sale to combat Nvidia $290 for a 290 is $100 bucks cheaper than two months ago


What 970 should I go with. evga, gigabyte, asus?

EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB SSC ACX 2.0 Video Card has the highest base OC


Cool. Thanks a ton

Is it just me or are the 970's prices already going up?

Not really.  Reference model starts at $329, but custom PCB/cooled models should be a bit pricier.  High demand-low supply may also be a factor.

Ohh ok I saw the base model then went back and I mistook the custom pcb model for the same... thanks though

Ive been seeing allot of people saying the evga 970 is having some fan issues. Would the gigabyte 970 fit in the case and would I need to get a better psu?