7th gen extreme avx crashing

I’ve been running my 7940x at 5ghz for a while and its just started crashing on avx 2 and 512 loads, I also noticed cinebench and 3dmark crashing on their cpu loads. I’m working on getting a stable offset and whatnot for the cpu. Is this a normal issue for x299 extreme?
I plan to eventually upgrade to one of the 18c extremes and wonder if this issue is just 7000 series extreme.

I9 7940x
X299 evga FTW
64gb 3200 quad channel
A770 limited edition
Evga 1000w gold psu.

What voltage are you running the chip at?

I think evga’s oc bot put it at around 1.3 or so.

If the package is left, to reference/stock settings, does it run fine?

Yes, I’m not sure if its the motherboard or the chip itself but the default is a boost of 3.8ghz. Which isn’t the stated spec on intel’s website. But yes it works perfectly at stock but is pretty slow.

Does it crash during normal work loads or during stress tests?

for 2 months it worked perfectly except for 3dmark and cinebench crashing, saturday it started crashing in games so i started looking into it.

Single core, all core, and AVX turbo clocks are all different. Single core (or more accurately: 2 threads) is 4.4GHz, while the AVX offset is usually -200MHz. All core turbo is 3.9GHz, AVX offset is -100MHz. So 3.8GHz with AVX active on all cores is normal.

5GHz forced all core with no negative AVX offset is a big jump up for Skylake-X. You’re pushing roughly 130% clock over stock where the average is usually around 120%, or 4.6GHz. The chip has experienced degredation in its overclocking abilities, though it sounds like it was never fully stable if both Cinebench and 3DMark were crashing from the start.

Tune your overclock down. The chip can’t handle it.

I’ve got a pretty decent avx offset. It clocks down to 4.3 when doing avx stuff. I’ve done extensive testing with my gpu and found that going from 4.3 to 5ghz nets me in the 10s of fps and with my 60hz panel i don’t need over 100fps. So it has been rock stable since then.