7990 for 650usd


its only 650usd so the same price or less then a 780 and it beats it usually, any thoughts.

It was $629.99 earlier today.

Wow $590 with rebates. 

Its powercolour though. I don't usally recommend them unless its a last resort. Great deal though.

Also whats great about it is depending on what models of a 7970 you get this might or usally will be cheaper and consume less power since the gpus are sabrina a lot of the same components.

The Devil13 is a great card! Fantastic quality, and at $590, you can't get any better :)

Isnt that the "older" version of the 7990? a brand tailored card?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember the AMD-released card being like alot better.

The reason their selling these so low is because they are the last stock of the 7990.

Once they have sold all of them they are stopping the production of 7990's to make room for the newer 9000 series.

Here's an article about it.


Mno, the reason is that the official 7990 from AMD kicks the powercolors prebuild 7990 ass.


you guys are confusing the official 7990 released by AMD with this powercolor 7990 who was made by a brand. Its an unnoficial 7990, and more importantly, a slower 7990.