7970 vs 760

hi, i was wondering which one of these gpu's is better for skyrim heavily modded at 1080p and other games like crysis 3 and bf4 ect. thanks for any replies!

770 > 760.

benchmarks for 7970 vs 770 on skyrim.


Yes but that was not his question and the 770 costs a lot more than a 760 as well as the 7970, which was from his original beats both the 760 and 770 in game play along with being a lot cheaper than both.

I would recommend the 7970 if you are mainly just gaming, as they will beat both the 760 and 770 in most games.



I'm sorry, but I think you misunderstood me.

If the 7970 is on par with a 770 and the 770 is greater than a 760. Will the 760 have more or less frames than the 770? Benchmarks showing every possible gpu aren't always easy to find.

7970 shits all over a 760. Excuse my language, but it just does.

i would say wait a 2 weeks and look at the new amd R9-280X. is a rebranded 7970GHZ edition, with probably some mods to make it perform better then the 7970ghz and it comes at the $300 price spot.

I get what you saying, i was trying to answer OP's question more directly.

For the price-to-performance ratio.. 7970 all the way, no way would I get a 760 if I had a choice between the two, especially because the new consoles will be AMD so Radeon cards may run better optimized, as proven in the BF4 beta. 780's were getting 20fps and lower on high/ultra, my 7950 (weaker card) was getting 60-70fps.

Ok, my apologize too.