7970 using 3789MB of System Memory

My GPU is uing 3789 MB of System Memory and I have started to get messages from windows to close programs due to lack of ram during gaming.  How would I lower this?  



can you post a screen shot?

i tried but its not working for me... that is what the link to picture is for





i wonder why a dedicated gpu would use system memory.

upgrade to a 64bit os.



looks like it's a bios setting?

what is your mother board

it is 64 bit windows 7

and I have an Asus M5a99FX Pro R2.0

I contacted Asus support because they'll actually know everything about their bios

maybe you need more RAM

I have 16gb and all of my slots are full.  Asus said this is not controlled in the BIOS anymore and it just takes how much it wants.

this is driving me insane.... Can i chage this somehow because to play brand new games such as Thief I have to close everything... even my backup



This is a windows feature and as far as I'm aware there's no way to disable it. You may have a faulty card, did you attempt to reseat it and/or contact the manufacturer?

Ill try contacting GPU Manufacturer...