7970 over heating?1

Hey so i was playing Trine 2 with my buddy today and I noticed I started to get artifacting going on and my mouse would lag alot. I went and checked my temps quickly and noticed my xfx 7970 was at 85c! That seems rather alot and so i turned my pc off and on and started playing again and it would be around 75c when I played. Most games it only goes to 67c after a long time. Is my gpu dieing since it was artifacting while playing or do you think its just the game since its very graphic heavy?

Happen to take note of your CPU temps at that time?

My cpu was at 47c while gaming. Never goes over that.

Can you provide more information about your setup? just off the cuff, do you have good airflow? PSU sufficient? are you overclocking? what monitor/resolution are you pushing? provide as many part number as you desire. more info more better!