7950 crosfire X 280

could a 7950 crosfire whit a X280 

( if i remember good it is possible but still would like for sure)

if it is so could i crosfire this in  my build?

and i know that is should upgrade my PSU and wich PSU should i get then ?



This should be in GPU section, not the Build A PC section.

It really would work, but it wouldn't be anywhere near worth it.  Crossfire will only run the graphics cards at the speed of the weakest card, so you would lose the performance increase of the R9-280x.

You would be better off buying another Radeon HD 7950


Actually as far as I know though it'll still take advantage of all the stream processors. Which mind you would only be another 252 (7%) more (so 3592 vs 3844 stream processors) so maybe you'd see a slight improvement over getting an HD7950 but I highly doubt the difference in performance would be worth the price difference. So I agree, yea just get another HD7950 if you want to go the crossfire route.

What PSU do you currently have? Link for it maybe?  

this is my powersupply but will my AMD FX 6300 wil not bottel neck crosfire 7950 ?


That psu does "not" deliver enough power for a CF setup, you will need a 750W.

FX6300 will probably bottleneck HD7950 in Crossfire. Plus your PSU won't supply enough power.

: /

thanks for answering  the part about the bottleneck 

sorry but  did you read what i said ?

read the last line ?(of the post)

thanks for answering the part which power supply (which amount of watts is need for the system) only i just read that the FX 6300 will bottleneck the crossfire



I'd get something 750-850W from Seasonic or Corsair, personally my favorite brands, other good brands out there without a doubt, but I've just had the best luck with those. If you want a different brand just make sure it has a single 12V rail.


There is a little button set below the price area if you want to pick out what you want.

Personally, I'd say since you already have the motherboard and everything, get an FX8320 or FX8350 if you want to go crossfire and overclock it a bit, just to give it as much headroom as possible. With that type of GPU power you want as much CPU headroom as you can get for modern games, especially for BF4 for instance.

Compare the FX9370 (Essentially an FX8320 overclocked to 4.7Ghz, which is probably possible with a decent cooler) to your FX6300. That's a 25% improvement on Avg FPS and 31% improvement in minimum, you should see similar improvements. At the very least overclock your current CPU but you'll still see improvements regardless going CF.

It will, but you will still see pretty nice improvements. I am running a [email protected] overclock and two 7950s my problem is my MOBO its a m5a97r2 and it runs the cards at top pcie x16 and the bottom one is x4. That said Cysis 3 gets a nice boost but Tomb Raider really likes it. It cost me 209$ for a second 7950 and I am quite happy. My PSU is a 750w gold aswell. Next upgrade is a mobo and 8 core cpu.