7870 or Wait?

Hi all,

I'm upgrading my PC in a few days from an old AMD Phenom dual core to Ivy Bridge.

I use it to play games but thats not the reason for upgrading.

My 4870 died a while ago and I replaced it with a Gigabye factory overclocked GTX 260 off ebay for $30, gets the job done & is much better than the 4870 I must say. (1st Nvidia product I've ever owned!)

The card in my price range (250ish) is the 7870, nice enough but just wondering if I should hold off. I run my games at 1680x1050 & only really play racing games & COD every so often. 

Sure I'd love to pump my copy of Far Cry 3 & BF3 to max, but im not bothered. Black Ops II runs at full settings, same with RFactor.

So wait for the next gen card in my price range to come up next year or splurge on the 7870 nao?




Don't wait. Go for the 7870 now, it going to be a good 2-4 months before we see anything and granted we'll probably see a 8970, then a 8950, then a 8770, fianlly we'll probably get the 8800 series, this if the 8000 relases cycle goes similar to the 7000 cycle.

Fact of the matter is just buy the 7870.

or you could wait for when the 8000 series cards come out and the 7000 cards drop in price and get a 7950 for the same price, 8000 cards are scheduled for january so if you can wait it wait you can save yourself some money