7850k or 6800k?

is there any benefit from getting the 7850k that is worth the extra 100€??


Not really considering it only gains a couple fps in gaming and has some bios problems with motherboards with its new socket and chipset. If you are doing productivity like video editing maybe depending on the software. otherwise the 6800k with really fast ram is the way to go :)

Yes maybe for now the 6800K is better value/dollar :) But remember to buy FM2+ motherboard for it for future :D And fast RAM with low timings like CL9.. DEPENDS a lot for what you are planning to use this rig for? HTPC/gaming/video editing? But of you're solidly planning to go with AMD APU then 6800K is youre choice now. :) Just my opinion. Remember,,,

I'm so unimpressed with the 7850K....or APUs in general for that matter. I mean, they are good, but holy shit the fact that you can get an Athlon 750K plus a dedicated graphics on the same platform for the same price makes them quite irrelevant IMHO. Maybe just the 5800K makes sense as of today, but an Athlon + GPU @170€ is such a bang for the buck that no APU could compete. I personally wish for a Steamroller Athlon to come out in the future...

Considering that Steamroller has <10% IPC improvement and isn't capable of as high clock speeds as Richland, an 850K or whatever really wouldn't be any better than the 760K. The only benefits would be lower power consumption. The whole point of this gen is really HSA

If HSA really turns out to make a difference I would definitely upgrade from a 750K to an APU. GPU cores for general tasks? Yes please!

100 euros is a lot. Here its only $50 more (37 euros). At 100 euros more, no way.