7850 help!

OK so i have a 7850, i got it back in mid april and installed the drivers then.  I think it might be the drivers, cuz there are probably new ones.  But just to make sure, i am getting 13 fps on arma 3 with all the settings on standard or low.  I know for sure it is not the server.

My PC:

phenom iix4 965 be

vengeance 8gb 1333mhz

sapphire 7850

MSI mobo

CX 500w

1tb HDD


OK so are the drivers the problem?  If so can u please link me to the right drivers becuz i have tried finding them but have failed.  Thanks!

which drivers do you have installed?  do you have the latest normal driver installed? the catalyst 13.4?

i have 13.1 installed, can u link me the latest?

ofc i can just a second


try 13.4 first, 13.6 is just a beta driver.

i keep the topic in this section, because it could also maybe some other issues.

is 13.4 the latest?


ok can u wait 20 minutes or so?  For a reply just in case it isnt the drivers?


The beta drivers gave my 7850 problems (missing textures in games even tho it did boost my fps)

13.4 is the up to date stable driver.

it still is running like CRAP like  below 20 fps with 13.4  WHat do i do?  Can someone plz help!

your cpu is weak...i have a 1045t @ 3.5Ghz and only get 25

install msi afterburner and set up the framerate and gpu usage monitor to see if it is a bottlenect from your cpu

apart from overclocking, lowering the drawdistace and changing the launch options to run on 4 threads you cant do much

will the  phenom 965 realy bottle neck that much ?

Yes in arma 3 .... maybe not in other games but with all the objects moving to be rendered it takes a toll on your cpu


Arma 3 running on a Pentium!!


yeah but that's the showcase not the multiplayer

read that alot of people just cant get a decent FPS in multiplayer arma 3, even folks with i7 3rd gen and 600 series gpus only get 15-20 fps etc on low.

Probably just something to do with the netcode/server client thats messing it up but the posts ive seen everyone from phenom users to ivybridge users have rubbish fps regardless of settings.

arma does not run the best on phenoms for what ever reason and the other reason is arma 3 kind of runs like crap at the moment.  Look up how to optimize your settings to get the best fps because it is kind ok touchy to get the perfect settings.  Arma 2 oa will run much better that is what I am playing until they fix arma 3 servers so you can get playable frame rates.