7700k/z270 compatibility for pcie-nvme devices

My current build is a 7700k and Asrock Z270M-ITX/ac mobo. I have been thinking about switching computer cases as I came across the SM580 from Sliger.

It comes with the option of the bifurcated pcie slot, which is a tempting proposition for me to add a pcie m.2 cards like the Asus Hyper M.2 x16 V2 card.

Is my build compatible for this card? Usually when I’m looking at mobo specs, what keywords I should be looking for if I am looking for mobos/chipsets that are compatible with the pcie cards?

Thank you

If you’re looking for PCIe bifurcation there should be a settings in the PCIe configuration where it clearly shows that you can set up a slot running in, for example, 8x/8x mode. If there’s no such option you’re out of luck.

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