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7700k vs 1700:Agonizing over my 7700k purchase



Again it's about future proofing

Why is this so hard for people to grasp?

Taking a snapshot of one game and saying "look in this specific situation there is no gain" is not helpful

It's ridiculous

In the future those resources will matter. Now you may make an argument about the future of optimization of video games. But I'll wait until there is a SINGLE game I want to play that actually beats an i7 before i make the leap.


a lot of it is tribalism. either from the well intentioned who want competition to rise, or from those who think Intel/Nvidia are evil corporations and otherwise just don't like them. i'm with you, as i'm not in a hurry to buy AMD until i'm particularly moved by what i see. that argument then of course has people parroting the old argument "BUT FOR THE PRICE", and yeah. okay. fair enough. for the price AMD products are pretty okay. i'm still not particularly blown away though. which is okay, because building a system is a personal adventure.


Or a third tribe that believe in both competition and that they are evil.
It has been hard for those who have hated on AMD.


The gaming performance issue is purely down to the higher memory latencies that Ryzen is running with. Since launch, latencies have dropped from about 100ns down to about 65-70ns and the performance had improve accordingly. the poorer latiencies are directly related to the secondary memory timings that currently cannot be changed by the end user as they can be on an Intel platform. Intel kabylake/skylake machines have memory latency in the 45ns range.

Next month the new ageasa microcode will be released by AMD and it is supposed to open up the system to support a much wider range of memory frequencies, hopefully the memory timings will also be tightened up or, opened up to user adjustment fo a much greater improvement in memory latency times. Just a reminder that X99 also had the same sort of teething problems when it was released as well.