760G or 970 chipset

Hey guys,

I was wondering what amd processor the 760 or 970 chipset will recognize without having to do flashing to the bios..can you put an fx 6300 on a board with a 970 chipset?



#1 why in the hell would you be buying a 4 year old motherboard?  (the 760 chipsets came out in early 2009) They are only approved for Windows Vista.

The series of chipsets determines what CPUS they can use, not the specific one.  Check out AMDs website they have it all detailed out.

go with an Asus M5A97 R2.0 mobo. good combo with a FX6300.

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Here, I decided to help you out.  Sometimes AMDs website is a little difficult to navigate:



970 chipsets are newer and will pretty much be always better.

Cool, thanks