760cad or 610usd Gaming PC

Hello Tek Syndicate community,


This is my first custom build PC, I'm a poor Canadian uni-student. So I only have 610usd budget or 700~ CAD. I'm willing to buy used parts to build this, and I also need a monitor because my current monitor is only 1366x720 or something. 


This is what I came up by myself but I have some concern about the CPU (multitasking problems?)

The toxic 280x is a used graphic card that I will buy in a few days locally.

Storage will be savage from my old pre-built system (500gbs) and upgrade to ssd once I have the money



I'm not sure the Z87 board will work with the G3258 - it might need a bios update, and that sucks.


BTW your build is about $787 before mail in rebates.


Lawl, didn't realize me and person above me made basically same build.

both of their builds are nice... BUT and this is a big butt ;) anyways enough of the goofiness. since you mentioned going used get a 7970 off ebay instead of a 280x it's the same card and they run about 30-40 dollars cheaper

This helps a lot with the orientation:


Just select canada