760 vs. 7950 vs. 8000-series

I want to upgrade my 560 ti,


Should I go with a 760 or 7950?

The 7950 is $20 cheaper, and has 3 free games, but the store doesn't tell me with ones. :/

The 760 has about 2-15 fps more in certain PhysX games.

The 7950 has better tipple-monitor support.

Should I wait for the new 8000 series, rumored to be released in Q4 (Two months).

My budget is anything better that the 560 that I could get for under $250.


The 8000 series just an OEM re-brand. The true successors to the current AMD GPUs will be the 9000 series, which are due to release soon. I would wait until then, if for no other reason than the fact that 7970 prices should drop enough to be within your budget. It is also possible that AMD will come out with something that will outperform the 7970 for under $250, similarly to how Nvidia released the 760 for $250, a little over half the price of the 670, which has about the same performance. I advise you to wait and see.

You get to choose which free games you get with the new AMD never settle bundle. You get a gift code and you get to choose them on the AMD site when you enter it.

I personally wouldn't wait, because there is no guarantee of anything being cheaper.

I believe that the 8000 series will be heavily Productivity based, can't remember where I found that rumor. Also better support for overclocking...

8xxx are APU/notebook/laptop gpu's like the A10 6800K (HD867D its basically a tweeked 6670)

I wait for the 9000 series...It will be bundled with Battlefield 4 and other choices for sure

 Look >>here<< for the naming of the new cards 

It will be bundled with Battlefield 4

I highly doubt that. The never settle bundle didn't even include Battlefield 3 until over a year after launch. There is no way it will include it during launch.

I'd wait to see what the benchmarks say, never know might get more GPU for less $$$

Well they do have some lower end desktop 8*** series card already released, but it will not get much better than that. the others in the line will be as you said for APU/notebook/laptop.

8xxx is OEM 7xxx series rebranding

ok ok...maybe your right. ( or maybe your not and amd has a god plan to take over the gpu market with their generious gaming giveaways) ...u no kno


ether way..the R-200 series is going to be worth ever penny because amd has proven this time and time over again that you just can't beat their price for performance!

phantom it would not hurt to wait, because if the price is higher than anticipated...what about 7000 series? price will drop on 7970 and 7950. 


amd bundle will continue til the end of this year. and they said they will be adding more games to the choices. 

buy card save codes exchange at next bundle update

or wait and do it later on..with same deals available theoughout the rest of the year

so its fare game all round..make any move..you benefit in every way.

Wait for AMD's hawaii chips to be released before buying a graphics card.


I think 7xxx series prices are the lowest they are going to get.

If the prices go even lower when 2xx series comes out, who wouldn't buy 7970x2 or 7950x2 for 400$ and 300$ respectively and receive more fps (I don't think micro-stuttering exists in terms of experience. Even if all the frames were displayed as short as the shortest frame, the fps numbers would be higher than the eye can see).

The people in the comments of fudzilla say the next flagship wont be the same performance as the 780. But I think it will. Linus said in a live stream, when the next gen AMD cards are released, the whole landscape will be turned over.

The only reason why they aren't going to release a new dual card solution for the "ultra-enthusiasts" is because the 7990 is already on the top of the market, right up there with the 690.

But ultimately, I agree will Lunarus, only benchmarks will tell the tale.

agree with you both.

7950 are around 200-300 depending on the quality of the seller. the 7950x2 should fall in 300-350 price range depending on out of the box performance (likely 10% to 15% increase) normally that's how a card successor performs.

Then you throw in AMD overclocking headroom all their cards are capable of and you get another 10% to 20% increase in performance.

now tell me who's gona have Nvidia by the nuts in the coming week?


were not all in it for the 780 or titan. were just average joes with a couple hundred bucks to spend on a game playing card..well most of are

6 days to announcement of the AMD R9 (9000 series, as we all call it).

8000 series is just rebranded 7000 series literally, and it's sold only by OEM's.

I'd get neither 7950 nor 760 right now, the 760 price will surely go down a bit when the next generation of AMD cards arrives.

errr gice,

I thought 8000 series are mobile gpus, for laptops only?

That would be 8000m