750w enough?

Hi, I'm just checking with you guys to see if a 750w PSU is good enough for this

VI Hero

4770k (will do some oc but nothing too high. Will be first time.)


840 Evo 250gb

Vengeance Pro 16gb 1866

single GTX 780 Ti SC


My choices are Corsair HX750 or XFX P1-BEFX 750w

Corsair 750w

XFX 750w


Thanks for reading, and for any advice given. :D


You could probably power that with an XFX550. Get 600-650 if you want lots of headroom. Both the HX series and XFX pro are good units.

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll go look at some more and see which of the these will save me money. Thanks again!


if you decide to go with the XFX pro 550W unit, then make sure you disable the C6 and C7 power states in the bios. because this unit is NOT hasswell ready.

Went with the XFX 750w. I checked their list of which of their PSU's are compatible. Thanks again guys, new rig is one shipment away from being built now. Hopefully it all goes well!


750 watts should be plenty of power, I would consider more wattage if you are running lots of mechanical HDs in a raid, or running monster graphics cards in SLI. Both of those power supplies seem solid to me and modular is the way to go.

Yes, it is way more than enough. You could add at least one more GPU.