750ti Better Price to Performance than 760?

I am in the market for a new GPU and I intend to play newer games at 1080p. I have the money to get a 760, however I was just wondering if it is worth the extra money over the 750ti?

Thanks for any advice!

I would say a 760 is nearly the bare minimum for a satisfactory experience in 1080p games, unless you don't play anything demanding. I have a 4670k and a OCed 760 (1280MHz core) and I run every game maxed (DayZ SA, Rising Storm, CS:GO, Skyrim, BF4, etc...).

What games do you play?

The 760 right now needs a bit of a price drop since it isn't really competively priced. If you can find one that is on sale and get it cheap then yes it is worth the extra money. Otherwise, the 750 ti will still give you entry level 1080p gaming, at a good price. The 760 will allow you to bump the graphics up a bit and still get good frames. 

With the prices of AMD cards dropping (slightly) recently, I think the mid-tier graphics card area is being taken back by AMD. Just the other day I was looking at R9 280X cards that were quite a bit less in price than the nVidia equivalent cards (GTX 770).


R9 270. $160. That is price to performance!