750 ti

I havent done much resurch on this card. I would like no know if it is better then the 660 and also a couple of benchmarks i could get on some games. Like battle field 4, Civ 5, and League thanks :D

Also is it better then the 7870

no its close to 650ti performance so about 30% slower then a 660gtx. 750ti is really good for people who have prebuilt computers with generic power supplys who dont want to upgrade their power supply. 750ti's offer good 1080p game play in those games. 

But the people here say its better can i get someone elses review please


no where in that thread or videos did it say the 750 ti was better than the 660, just the 650 ti boost

Newegg did some benchmarks.

Biggest benefit of the 750/750ti seems the low power consumption, not the performance.