750 ti, help making decision

Hey guys im looking to upgrade my gpu, currently i have a radeon 6670 hd. It is beast for what i put it through but i need something better. I was thinking about the GTX 750 ti since it seems like a beast ass card for the price.


My computer specs are

-biostart motherboard

-radeon 6670 hd

-amd 3870k apu (built in gpu is turned off) its at 3.2Ghz

raidmax case( everything stays cool)

-Acer 20 monitor

Just need help making a decision, either the 750 ti or something better for the same price.

cant go wrong with any of the 750ti's great cards.

im looking for more insight people that know more than i do about video cards. maybe someone knows a better deal or better card for future proofing alittle


Well there is no point,the cpu will bottleneck better cards,I'd say the 750ti is the sweet spot. even price wise

ok thanks. can you tell me how my cpu will bottleneck, i have it at 3.2Ghz. im tech savvy but not intensively.

Imagine a ferrari rolling on wheelbarrow tyres. The tyres are holding back the car from unleashing its full potential. >>> like a 780ti in your rig. It'll work just will be out of balance.

750ti like this > http://overclock3d.net/reviews/gpu_displays/msi_gtx750ti_gaming_review/1 are pretty hard to beat in terms of bang for buck and power usage. Plus they oc quite well.

Other gpu's (some older) that would be an ok match for you setup - 7850, 7870 (270x), gtx660 etc.

(Or the HD 6950 I'm trying to sell :D)

In relation to the topic: The 750 Ti is perfect for things like HTPCs, home servers, and other applications where energy consumption is more important than playing modern games at 1080p with 30+ FPS. If I had the money I would be tempted to get one and hook it up to a small projector so every night can be movie night in my bedroom.

the R7 265 has better specs for the same price as the 750ti sadly. look into that

Yes, the R7 265 beats the 750 Ti in absolutely every benchmark, while costing the same money ($150).

You buy the 750 Ti if you are concerned about heat dissipation/power consumption (it draws about 50-60W less than the 265), like in a small form factor case. Or if you can't seem to find the 265 in stock (which is way too often). You don't buy the 750 Ti based on its performance compared to the competition.

Exactly ,the r7 265 is rare as rocking horse sh*t. None here at all in Oz from what I've looked at. 

Not even a hint of the 265 in my country either.

AMD, pull your shit together and create a cryptomining GPU so all the other people can buy reasonably priced graphic cards!

Just saying, but I'm running a 7870XT in my brothers A8-3870k rig and the performance isn't that far from my 760/4670k rig... The A8 is a better processor than you think.

I got the 7870XT for $100 (steal right?) and the A8 free (AMDGaming giveaway). So that's why it's in such a weird setup...

thanks for all the input guys. like cryptnotik said the A8 is actually a beast. im just unsure how my cpu at 3.2 or 3.3Ghz will bottleneck a 750ti technically speaking..?

Don't they come out of the box at 4.0GHz?

I really don't think you'll run into a noticeable bottleneck.  3.2ghz on 4 core is still really good.  750ti is a great card and you'll be very happy with it, I'll actually be using one in my media pc build.

"Bottlenecking" is also highly game dependent as well. The battlefield (frostbite) series for instance, takes advantage of multiple cores very well, where games like Crysis with the Crysis engine do not.  So its possibly you'll have really good framerates in one and not the other.  Intel competes on architecture in this field which is why so many people look to them when building gaming PC's, but the 8350 AMD series seems to be starting to make that gap smaller.

i still working with my 550 ti... and i'm thinking is time to upgrade to a 750 ti


no they do not. they come out of the box at 3.0Ghz.