$750 computer for a friend, itx vs atx

Hey guys i need some help building a pc for a friend.

he is going off to collage and he needs a pc for his dorm. he does not know if it needs to be small (probably does)

Pc requirements:
Cpu: 4 cores
Ram: 8gb
SSD: 120gb+
Monitor: 1920x1080
Wifi: N 5ghz (Prefer AC)
GPU: 2GB vram minimum (prefer more)

For the itx these are the cases i thought of
EVGA Hadron Air
Cooler Master Elite 110
any other small cases that are decent

Just for reference i built some earlier that were over budget
ATX: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/CF8ft6
ITX: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/DF8ft6

I'd go ITX. Nowaday, with as few expansion cards as I use, I find that ATX is overly bulkly.

Of course, you could go for Micro-ATX which provides you with 4 expansion slots (as opposed to 7 in ATX and 1 in ITX) but is still a decent size.

Silverstone RVZ01 is what I am currently using. Pretty good case but I think the only draw back is either going for the pretty expensive SFX PSU. My 450W Gold has a noticeable hum but that can't be fixed regardless of what size of 80mm fan is populated in there.

I too suggest ITX. I don't know why 4 cores is necessary, but if you could, go with an i3 and more and a ~256GB SSD instead of this. I tried to keep the build similar to what you had with a few changes. Price went over with the wifi adapter. Monitor included: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/8yVjK8

ITX is decent but a better motherboard should be chosen that allows for Core i5/i7 or Broadwell CPUs in the future. Here is a system that will play nearly everything at High settings at 1080P based loosely on some else's post here.


Having built ATX, micro, and ITX systems, I reccomend atx completely. So much easier to work with. If not, then go micro atx.

4-cores and up is already essentially a requirement for editing and it will be the standard in gaming soon as developers begin to take advantages of more threads.

Yep thats why. also he will be in collage and will not upgrade for a while. as someone who has run a core i3 for a while i cant get them when compared to amd's offerings, especially the octa-cores.

I sent this to him. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/yqJhxr

I think for a dorm room, ITX would be worth it.

My form factor of choice at the moment is M-ATX.

I can understand that. I just wasn't sure of the use of this system much. A pentium g3258 would work fine for most current games, but for future proofing, going anything less than quad core wouldn't be a good idea. The reason I say is that a quad core is a tight fit for a $750 system.