700 dollar budget Editing/3d/gaming pc

Pc building newby here I was looking at the 625 gaming pc video, only to find most of the key parts are no longer made, if there is a kind soul that could direct me to a bc build that is around 650 dollars It would me greatly appreciated!


Here's a suggestion, would do great for your needs. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/mNOK

FX-8320 CPU, HD 7870 GPU, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB storage, XFX 550W psu, AsRock ATX mobo, Antec 300 Two case = 665$

plus thermalright silver arrow or noctua nh-d14

yo welcome to the forum, everyone is a noob at least once, if you're any good at a lot of things then you're noob several times more


I'll get to work, what kind of editing programs do you use

Heres a suggestion, http://pcpartpicker.com/p/mNVL

There are also alot of other good people here, who will probably get you a better build. But heres a good build. 

I'd mostly agree with this guy, I'd make these alterations:


Better cooler and better board overclocking, less wattage on the PSU since you don't need it. Everything else in this built is ultra solid, under $700 before rebates, about $650 after rebates, if you want to use that extra $50 effectively, could grab a small SSD to help speed things up a good bit. You could also go with the HDD SkyRider suggested as it would be a bit faster than the one I suggested.


For Editing, go with the 8 core 8320, it should cut down your rendering times, although If you could post the software you use it would help, eg do you need Cuda or openCL?

There's no reason to go with the FX-6300 when he can get the 8320 under budget.