$700 Build for DayZ?

A buddy of mine asked me to put together a build that he could use to play all of the latest titles while streaming and recording. He got a bit impatient though and wanted to know what he had to buy to get the system running and upgrade parts later. Eventually we settled on this build for him.


Keep in mind this is the barebones version of what he was wanting that he would be able to upgrade but not have to replace parts for. 

Alas... he has grown more impatient and demands a build for $700 that will at the very least play DayZ. This shouldn't be too hard but I'm not sure how well it will run on a budget system. Also, keep in mind he is going to need a screen as well. He isn't interested in a triple monitor setup but he'd like a second monitor at some point. I figure he can use this POS for now and get a better one later as the primary.

Anyways, see what you guys think of this build. Let me know what you would/could change without lossing much performance for DayZ.


It should run fine. I'm running a Phenom II 965 with a Radeon 7950, I can run Dayz at constant 60fps with vsync on. Here are my 2 cents: Down grade to a 970 mobo and put the money towards upgrading the 7870 to a 660ti or 7950. If this gonna end up being a secondary/backup computer down the road, i really doubt he'll need all those PCI-E slots or whatever other features the 990fx board has over the 970 (not many from what I understand). 

Looks pretty good although I would spend the extra money on a 7870 XT and a better power supply that is 80+

I thought I checked the 80+ boxes... fml...

do you have a micro center close by to you? 

they have there cpu's really well priced there and you can get a combo deal when you buy a proccesor(they had the 2500k for 40$ less at the time) you get the motherboard for 50$

thats what I did and saved around 100$

everything is still working btw :)

Thats a good point. I was thinking if he was gunna be upgrading he'd do it on the AMD platform but I guess he could just as easily switch over to an Intel mobo when he has the spare cash. In that case a 970 would be a lot better and bring him closer to the $700 budget.

So yeah... list is updated. Anything else?


Well... he done already impluse bought but whatevs... it should work for him for now. He can spend a bit of extra money replacing parts instead of just on upgrades but it'll work for now. And he'll have extra parts later to build a second rig or he can just sell them. Ty for the input!

Crap... another quick question. He doesn't have a CD or DVD drive in the build or one laying around anywhere. Will the NIC work automatically or will he need to install drivers to get it running? I would suggest he just download them on his laptop but I can't find them on the driver download page. Any thoughts?