680 or 7970?

Which card will deliver the most performance: 680 or 7970?

Depends on the game, but I'd pick the 680.  Higher performance in most of the games I'd personally be playing:


Or if you can find the 7970 for a lot cheaper, go with that

7970 oc's like mad.... nvidia locked down, or so i've heard.... beta drivers are better for amd.... otherwise, they're pretty equal, 'cept the 680 is more expensive I think

Guys guys. Read the question again: Which card will deliver the most performance?

To answer your question; GTX 680.


I have heard people say the 680 is better, heard people say the 7970 is better.... unless your using CUDA appications, probably pretty equal at stock, oc is 7970....

> Click on AbstraKts link.

> Ignore the first 8 scores (who is still playing Crysis: Warhead anyways? It's not DX11...)

> You will notice that GTX 680 wins in most benchmarks

> Drivers has greatly improved since the benchmarks was made (both for NV and AMD)

> NV, less power, less noise, better temps. AMD the opposite.

> Conclusion: GTX 680 is a winner, but the HD7970 is cheaper.

tl;dr - let the man do his own research... Google benchmarks, jobs done.

There should be a stickied post with a link to anandtech's benchmarks lol.  Then we'd have waaaay less "which GPU to get?" posts

The only thing people are getting from these threads are fanboy opinions. "This is better, but that one is cheaper..."

Yeah true :/  I always try recommending whatever is the best deal.  I was a fanboy way back in the day, but I've grown from that.  I just ordered my buddy a setup today and the CPU/GPU are AMD, where my setup from a year ago is Intel/Nvidia.

If I took a picture of my setup, fanboys would die.  BenQ monitor, Razer keyboard, Zowie mouse, Logitech speakers, Plantronics headset, etc etc.  lol

And I wasn't trying to fanboy on the first post, if it came across that way (my bad).  Wasn't sure if he was worried about price or not, but in this case you get what you pay for.  Pay a little less, and get a little less performance.

Just saying....but I have looked at the benchmarks of both cards at Anandtech....but then I also searched up some YouTube videos to see what others were getting....and in some cases the 680 seemed better....and in some cases the 7970 seemed better.

That's why I made this post.

Are you just referring to games or other applications as well?  In some cases it'll depend on the CPU  that the card is paired with.

Games mainly....I do some very light video editing here and there though.

My CPU is a 3570K.

Well, generally I trust Anandtech's stuff more than general YouTube users.  They bench all of their GPUs on solid systems like yours and are guaranteed to not be biased.  You'll be more than satisfied with the 680.  It beats the 7970 in almost every game by 10's of frames per second, and the ones it loses in are by less than a few frames (nothing you would even notice).  

If money isn't an issue, then pick that one up.

I would like to throw my two cents in. First of all that benchmark doesn't state which driver versions they are using, which is very important because with all the latest drivers the 7970 is the more powerful card. Plus it has higher vram which this will be very useful further on when resolutions start to increase. We are right around the corner from 2560x1440 becoming the new HD standard.


And not to start a fanboy war but this comment :"NV, less power, less noise, better temps. AMD the opposite." is a completely ignorant generaliztion.

And I would like to add that yes, it is also very likely that the two cards will leap frog with newer driver releases. But as of now the 7970 is considered the fastest single GPU card on the market

This is true, thanks for pointing this out.  I took a look at the results with both cards running the latest drivers, and it depends on the resolution and model of the card.

The 7970 Ghz Edition beats the 680 in almost all tests.  The 680 beats the stock 7970 until you get to resolutions above 1080p.  But at this very moment, the 7970 Ghz edition is the winner

I guess it's either-or at the moment.  Every driver release by each company will most likely put their card on the top, so it'll be back and forth from here on out.

Hmmm, I was gonna throw the exact same cents. I especially agree at that last part.

I remember a time when the Radeon 5000 series and GTX400 series were still new.... 

If you want to ever do multi card set ups, or do 3D get nvidia. Large resolution gaming, get AMD. For OC with current drivers, AMD wins. IF you want out of the box performance, Nvidia cards are generally better.

This man speaks the truth.  I remember when my 1920x1080 monitor was considered a "high resolution"  >.>

Which man?

Well, for a lot of people, it still is. But in at least a few months( at most years), 2K HD will be the new standard, and 1080p will be like tomorrows 720p.

Looking forward to it though. Prices on 1080p and below displays will surely go down.