670/680 or the 7970?

I know plenty of you just went, huh, this kids wondering whether to get a 670 or a 7970? is he stupid??

And no Im not stupid, I recently read a review that was highlighted on here recently about the 670 vs the 7970, here it is: http://www.hardwareheaven.com/reviews/1656/pg1/evga-geforce-gtx-670-ftw-signature-2-versus-asus-hd-7970-directcu-ii-graphics-card-review-introduction.html

So my Question is, what do I get? I have up to £360 although keeping the price down would be nice.

I really like the look of physX http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWFkDrKvBRU

Although I know you can get your core to do the phys X It apparently is not as good, and to be fair it would be nice to not have to tweak everything around like crazy.

Im starting college soon and may possibly be doing video editing and stuff if there's a club for that, so nvidia could be a bonus, although Its not 100% certain that ill do that, and is probably rather unlikely.

So what do I get? I really love the additional perks you get with nvidia such as phys x and txaa

I can get any of these 680's that are under £370: http://www.scan.co.uk/search.aspx?q=gtx+680

or I can get this 670: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/2gb-evga-gtx-670-ftw-signature-ii-28nm-pcie-30-(x16)-6208mhz-gddr5-gpu-1006mhz-cores-1344-dp-dvi-hdm

Or I could just get a 7970.

Thankyou for any advice and I truly appreciate it!

If you can afford a 680 buy a 680, i think subsonciously you want an nvidia and i'm not going to sell you on the 7970. Seems like you're not too concerned with the budget either.

I would love an nvidia card, but I try not to be biased, but admittedly I am leaning towards the 670 or a 680 although I wouldnt mind too much about the 7970, since as I said I can just get my processor to do physX, and I would like to keep the price low, since as Im a student I dont have much money to burn.


Well we were discussing this in another thread but i'll reiterate.

The 670 and the 7970 are currently at the same price point. The 7970 has long been considered comparable to the 670 and some would say greater. Some benchmarks support the 7970 and some support the 670. With the release of new catalyst drivers the 7970 has seen a significant performance increase and is considered by many to be the smartest choice economically since the card is expected to improve with later iterations of catalyst.

It should be said that the 670 and 680 are not separated by a gulf of performance differences, they are quite similar and as a result the 7970 lies in the middle and has the potential to match the 680.

That's why if you have the money, buy a 680 since you seem to value the nvidia features, but if you trying to be money concious and you care more for performance than the bells and whistles nvidia cards tout 7970 is the only choice (in this commenters opinion).

ah, thanks man, Ill think it over!

Anyone else have any opinions too? :3 Some more would be good and help me make my decision

7970 beats the 680 for the price of a 670, unless you need CUDA or Phsyx get a 7970 and youll be set for quite awhile.

i wouldn't buy a video card based on physx.

Why not?

Like 3 modern games actually use it, most games just do Physics processing on the CPU and theres even a slight mod than enables all the Nvidia Physics to work off the CPU.

I love my 670 and would buy it again if given the choice, but I'm admittedly a fan boy. Unless you know you'll NEED the features you talked about or plan to do 3D gaming though, go with the 7970. You can't go very wrong with either choice, but the 7970 is the best on paper. Also, don't forget it will have the advantage if you ever plan to do a triple monitor setup in the future.

Its unlikely that ill ever do triple monitor, I dont have enough room for it, and its expesive as hell to have 3 monitors xD. I do quite like the look of physX and quite a few games ill play (such as assasins creed and borderlands 2) have a better fps on a 670 than on a 7970ghz, also, I should be able to overclock roughly 10-15% judging by the reviews ive read, essentially making it just as good as a 7970ghz. I think its just a matter of opinion, snce they are both the same price, with some games being better with the 7970, and others being getter with the 670. I used to be a crazy nvidia fanboy, then I switched to AMD fanboy xD I think I see both sides of the argument now, but considering the possibilites of what I might be doing in the future, as well as the bells and whistles that come with the 670, I think its the better choice here.