660ti 670 or 680?

right now i have a ATI 580 and i was looking at upgrading. my issue is i do not know which card to get. i was leaning more towards the 670 but will the 680 really make that big of a difference?

Ati 580? Is it just me, or is something wrong with that picture. The GTX 670 would be a good pick. Very powerful card for the money. Its almost on par with the 680

the 680 is not much faster. gtx 670 is more enthusiast i think. for the money the gtx 670 is an awesome choice

he may mean something of the HD 58XX series but the premise of this thread already seems trollish, and is most likely a bored nvidia fanboy

LOL. I knew it was a typo, I'm just pullin your leg. I flip flop on a lot of hardware. Use to be a fanboy, but I got tired of it.


regarding performance for money, the 660 is the nvidia choice at the medium-high end

although a overclocked 7850 would be a much better choice since you actually reach 7870 performance which will outperform the 660ti

ohh my bad didn notice the typo i have an ATI HD 5850