660 Ti SC - Screen blackouts frequently at 120hz

Monitor: BenQ XL2410T.

So basically I just made a fresh Windows installation after getting a HyperX 3k, and installing a new graphics card (old: MSI GTX 560 Ti TwinFrozr II, new: EVGA GTX 660 Ti Superclocked), and thought that I would try out the new Nvidia driver.

I got a problem though, my monitor works fine at 60hz, no problems, but when I turn it to 120hz, whenever something happens on the screen, it will go black for 2 seconds, and this will happen all the time.

In between the blackouts, I can move my mouse over and see that it is running at 120hz, faultily, though. (I use 2 monitors, the BenQ which goes to 120hz, and some AOC one that goes to 60)

Anyone else had the same problem, and how did you fix it? Is it just about going back to old drivers until Nvidia fixes their shit?

The problem persists whether I change the refresh rate settings in the Windows settings, or in the Nvidia Control Panel.


EDIT: Tried old drivers, still not working.


EDIT2: Noticed that Windows Update had a download for my monitor, which I installed. Now it doesn't turn black all the time, but whenever I open a game (WoW for example) it'll happen again.

You should put your old graphics card back in and see if it still does it. Then you know if it's the monitor or the card.

Also are you meant to have dual link DVI cables for 120hz or is that only if you want to do 3D?
I have two BENQ 120hz monitors and I've always just had dual link cables.